Heavy Machinery Movers, Riggers, and Erectors in Dallas (Texas, USA)

Do you need a trusted & experienced company to handle the safe & efficient relocation of your heavy machinery (or a complete machine shop) in Dallas, Texas?

Have no idea how to do that on your own? 😕

We have been providing top-notch machinery moving, rigging, and erecting services since 2007.

Heavy Equipment & Machinery Moving Company in Dallas, Texas, US

Our friendly team is equipped to handle any mechanism, from small & delicate to LARGE & CoMpLeX, with the ability to move heavy equipment weighing up to 100+ tons 💪

Large Machinery Movers in Dallas, Texas, USA

With our expert knowledge & state-of-the-art equipment, we can ensure that your apparatus is moved safely and efficiently to its new site/location 🏭

Heavy Machinery Rigging and Moving Services in Dallas, Texas, US

🤙 Contact us for FREE project estimation, and let us handle all your machinery moving needs…

Who We Are

We are the best company of heavy-duty machinery movers, riggers, and erectors

Our team of experienced machinery relocation specialists provides first-class services to safely and efficiently move large gear from one location/site to another for various industries and customers.

We have all the necessary tools, moving heavy equipment, mechanisms, forklifts, transport, relocating skills, and a lot of experience to handle all your “bulky” business projects (despite their complexity).

Skidding of a Weaving Machine (using a Forklift)

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Movers/Riggers (Dallas, Texas, US)

Large Machinery Movers

Heavy Machinery Movers/Riggers (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Our industrial machinery movers team utilizes…

  • Precise Moving Techniques
  • Specialized Moving Equipment
  • Mechanical Tools
  • Hefty Load Moving Tools
  • Steel/Aluminum Gantries
  • Industrial Forklifts (3-100k lbs)
  • Truck-Mounted Cranes
  • Boom-Trucks Service
  • Semi-Trucks Service
  • Flat Bed Trucks
  • Air Ride Equipped Tractors
  • Trailers…

Manufacturing Machinery Moving to a New Customer Site

Industrial Machinery Movers/Riggers (Dallas, Texas, US)

Industrial Machinery Moving & Relocation

Industrial Machinery Movers/Riggers in Dallas, Texas, USA

Machinery Lifting for Transportation

Industrial Machinery Movers/Riggers (Texas, US)

All the required licenses & permissions are in place (upon your request).

Our machinery movers are always fully insured to cover all the related risks.

You can see all the services provided by our company in Dallas, TX >>here<<

What We Can Move

Our industrial machinery moving specialists can handle/serve the following:

  • CNC Machines
  • Precision Industry Machines
  • Lathe Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Cutting Tools
  • Stamping Presses
  • Textile Machines
  • Plastic & Rubber Machines
  • Welding Machines
  • Metal Forming Machines
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Apparatus
  • Commercial Printing Machines
  • Wood Printing Machines
  • Printing Presses
  • Folding & Paper Cutting Machines
  • Machines for Automotive Industry
  • Food & Beverage Processing Machines
  • Other Weighty Equipment…

😲 Watch the excellent 3x minutes video below on how our experienced crane partner rocks, demonstrating equipment rigging & relocating craft in reality (they are the best in years)

Industrial Movers on a Machine Site

Heavy Machinery Transport Services in Dallas, Texas, USA

New Machinery Unloading

Industrial Machinery Movers/Riggers (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Commercial Laminating Machine Moving/Skidding

Industrial Machinery Movers/Riggers (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Before beginning ANY moving equipment project, our heavy-duty movers’ team assesses your gear and develops a transportation plan to minimize downtime for your business…

How We Estimate Projects

Required moving/relocation works are estimated each time individually!

It depends on many factors, such as:

  • Weight, dimensions, structure, and quantity of the items.
  • Distance and complexity of the movement/skidding route.
  • Working space characteristics and how uneven the floors are.
  • Are there any stairs we need to take into account to get the job done?
  • Loading, unloading, and other manipulations are required.
  • Whether crating/packing/unpacking service is necessary.
  • If mounting/dismantling works are needed or not.
  • Whether transportation is required (and to what distance).
  • How many industrial movers and erectors are required?
  • What are special heavy moving tools needed (and for how long)?
  • Other additional works explicitly tailored to your case.

Service Area

We provide industrial & commercial machinery moving services in Dallas (TX) and Beyond.

👇 Have a look at the map below… 👇

We cover all the neighborhoods of Dallas city:

  • Downtown Dallas (Baylor District, The Cedars, Civic Center District, Dallas Arts District, Dallas Farmers Market, Deep Ellum, Design District, Main Street District, Reunion District, Riverfront District, South Side, Thanksgiving Commercial Center, Uptown, Victory Park, West End Historic District)
  • East Dallas (Alger Park/Ash Creek, Belmont, Buckner Terrace, Caruth Terrace, Casa Linda Estates, Casa Linda Park, Casa View, Casa View Haven, Claremont, Claremont Park, Eastwood, Edgemont Park, Forest Hills, Gaston Park, Greenland Hills, Hillridge, Hollywood Heights, Junius Heights, Lake Park Estates, Lakewood, Lakewood Heights, Lakewood Trails, Little Forest Hills, Lochwood, Lower Greenville, North Stonewall Terrace, Old Lake Highlands, Ridgewood Park, Santa Monica, Stonewall Terrace, University Meadows, Vickery Place, White Rock, Wilshire Heights)
    • Old East Dallas (Baylor/Meadows, Belmont Park, Bryan Place, Deep Ellum, Munger Place Historic District, Peak’s Suburban Addition, Swiss Avenue)
  • Northeast Dallas (Abrams Place, Alexander’s Village, Boundbrook Oaks Estates, Chimney Hill, Copperfield Community, Country Forest, Forest Highlands, Glen Oaks, Hamilton Park, Highlands West, Highland Meadows, High Oaks Addition, Jackson Meadow, L Streets, Lake Highlands, Lake Highlands Estates, Lake Highlands North, Lake Highlands Square, Lake Ridge Estates, Merriman Park Estates, Merriman Park North, Moss Farm, Moss Meadows, Northwood Heights, Oak Highlands, Oak Tree Village, Pebble Creek, Richland Park Estates, Rolling Trails, Royal Highlands, Royal Highlands Village, Stultz Road, Town Creek, Royal Lane Village, Walnut Creek Estates, Whispering Hills, White Rock Valley, Woodbridge, Woodlands on the Creek, University Manor, University Terrace, Urban Reserve)
  • North Dallas (Bent Tree, Bluffview, Devonshire, Elm Thicket, Greenway Parks, Preston Center, Preston Hollow, Vickery Meadows)
    • Far North Dallas (Bent Tree, Preston Highlands, Timberglen, Melshire Estates, Northwood Hills, Platinum Corridor)
  • Northwest Dallas (Arlington Park, Asian Trade District, Bachman, Design District, Love Field, Midway Hollow, Shannon Estates, Stemmons Corridor)
  • Oak Cliff Area (Arcadia Park, Beckley Club Estates, Bishop Arts District, Elmwood, Stevens Park Estates, Stevens Park Village, Tenth Street Freedman’s Town, Western Park, Winnetka Heights, Wynnewood, East Kessler Park, Kessler Highlands, Kessler Park Estates, Kessler Plaza, Kessler Square, West Kessler, Kidd Springs, Kings Highway Conservation District, Lake Cliff, L.O. Daniel)
    • Redbird (Elderwoods/Elderoaks, Glenn Oaks, Wynnewood Hills)
  • Oak Lawn (Cityplace, Uptown, LoMac, Knox Park, Perry Heights, State Thomas, Turtle Creek, Oak Lawn, Victory Park, West Village)
  • Southeast Dallas (Arnold’s Station, Buckner ParkCedar Run, El Barrio (Little Mexico)Elam, Fireside, Kleberg, Lake June, Parkdale, Pemberton Hill, Piedmont, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Hills, Pleasant Mound, Riverway Estates/Bruton Terrace, Rylie, Seagoville/Dallas, Scyene, Spruce Square, Urbandale, Woodland Springs)
  • Far South Dallas (Bonton, Dixon Circle, Highland Hills)
  • South Central Dallas (Cedar Crest, Skyline Heights)
  • Old South Dallas/Fair Park (Exposition Park, Fair Park, Mill City, Owenwood, Jubilee Park, Dolphin Heights, Wheatley Place, Monterey Gardens, Edgewood, South Boulevard/Park Row, Magnolia Park, Alta Park)
  • West Dallas (Eagle Ford, Greenleaf Village, La Bajada, La L’aceate, La Loma, Lake West, Ledbetter Gardens, Los Altos, Muncie, Western Heights, Westmoreland Heights, Trinity Grove)

Moving equipment locally or internationally is possible with us.

We also operate throughout Dallas County, TX (everything in between & beyond):

  • Dallas
  • Coppell
  • Garland
  • Irving
  • Carrollton
  • Addison
  • Richardson
  • Duncanville
  • Mesquite
  • DeSoto
  • Grand Prairie
  • Rowlett
  • Lancaster
  • Cedar Hill
  • Seagoville
  • etc…

Moving equipment locally or internationally is possible with us. We can serve you by providing the best prices w/o additional questions…

Key Advantages

We provide the following benefits for your business needs:

  • Fast and free professional project estimates so you can plan and budget accordingly.
  • Expert knowledge and experience in manipulating and maneuvering complicated machinery, ensuring a safe and successful move and transport.
  • A friendly and skilled team continuously trained to handle any heavy-duty job confidently and precisely.
  • Access to the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.
  • All the necessary licenses and permissions to perform heavy moving work in the state of Texas.
  • We always provide our service on time & at reasonable prices across many industries.

Oversized Machinery Movers

Commercial Equipment and Machinery Movers in Dallas, TX, USA
Professional Equipment & Machinery Movers in Dallas, TX, US
Oversized Machinery Movers in Dallas, TX, US

Other Services

See all the services provided by us in Dallas, TX, USA 👉 here 👈


What are Industrial Machinery Movers?

These specialists can use special moving tools and mechanisms to move, skid, slide, lift, and hoist bulky and complex gear. Usually, hefty apparatus installation & dismantling services are also provided by such experts. Extensive training is permanently required to perform such work since it can be hazardous for “normal” people. Thus, contact us if you need pro & affordable industrial equipment/facility relocation in Dallas (Texas) and its area.

Why Hire Professional Machinery Movers?

Lifting, hoisting, moving, skidding, and relocating a large, bulky, and hefty weight is extremely difficult or even impossible without using special mechanical tools and knowing how to use them properly. Safety is a top priority in such an operation. So if you need affordable relocation services, contact us. We have more than 377x years of combined professional experience in heavy moving & rigging!

What are Machinery Riggers?

Machine riggers know how to fix (extremely) heavy loads to lift correctly, hoist, move, skid, or erect them using ropes, hooks, chains, and other unique moving tools/instruments. Many businesses rely on experienced heavy-moving companies.