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Planning a Move or Installation of HEAVY Machinery or BuLkY Equipment? ⚙️

Do you need to figure out what a Ballpark Budget could be for the Job? 🤯

We can quickly estimate the price range of your project in 3-5 minutes ⚡️

You’ll get something like this from us (almost instantly)👇

Our Minimum Price = 1000~1400 USD (or equivalent in another currency)💰

Instantly Estimate Your Project

Instantly Estimate Your Heavy Rigging and Lifting Project: Rigging-Busters
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Our user-friendly price range estimator is your first step toward a hassle-free project experience with Rigging-Busters℠ (or any other heavy rigging & lifting company on the market, tbh) 💪

Whether you’re relocating LARGE & BuLkY Equipment or Machinery, require Industrial Rigging and Lifting services, or need expert assistance with Factory/Plant Relocation, our estimation form is specifically designed to capture your project/job details as Quickly and Efficiently as possible 🎯

Millwrighting and Installation Services by Rigging-Busters Pro
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You can get a high-quality rough price range estimation (straight to your inbox) tailored specifically for your project in just about 3-5 minutes (after you submit all the key details to us) ⚡️

So, No Foggy Guesses and Long Market Research (giving many phone calls, sending emails, submitting quote requests, etc…) to get a QUICK, realistic, data-driven, and High-Quality initial budget For Your Specific Project or Job (especially when your lively boss is pushing you so hard to get that numbers ASAP) 😀

Why Use Our Estimation Form?

Why Use Our Estimation Form - Rigging-Busters
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  • Save Your Time: Get a preliminary ballpark estimate quickly without requiring initial phone calls or meetings 👉 24/7/365 👈
  • Clarity on Project Scope: Provide details about your equipment and project needs, helping us (and you) understand the requirements better.
  • Tailored Estimates: Based on your information, we send a rough estimate (to your email) to guide your budgeting and planning process.
  • Easy Process: Fill in the essential details about your project or required job, and let us handle the initial assessment (only about 3-5 mins needed).
  • No Obligation: Using our estimation form below comes with no commitment. It’s a FREE & EASY way to start your project planning quickly & confidently.

How it Works & What to Do Next

How the Estimation Form Works and What to Do with it - Rigging-Busters
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  1. Fill in the Details: Complete the form below by entering essential information about your project type, equipment/load specifics, logistics, and financial requirements. More is better!

    IMPORTANT: Please specify your email correctly since we’ll use it to send our ballpark estimate!

  2. Submit with Ease: Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, hit submit, and we’ll take it from there. Give us about 3-5 minutes to estimate your project or required job!

  3. Receive Your Estimate: We’ll use the details you provided for a preliminary, ballpark, realistic, and data-driven project cost estimate. It will be sent to your email in about 3-5 minutes (after you have submitted all the required data to us)!

  4. Use the Estimate as a Reference: We perform our instant estimations automatically, using the best practices, current market rates, and expert assumptions to give you a realistic & high-quality price range (specifically tailored to your project/job).

    IMPORTANT: The more info you provide us as input, the better & precise your estimation will be. Usually, the precision level is about 10-20% for such quick estimations (depending on your project’s complexity, data provided, and uncertainty factors involved).

  5. Follow-Up: If the ballpark estimate meets your budget expectations, you can contact us for a more detailed & precise quote, consultation, and discounts (if applicable to your case).

    NOTE: You can contact any company on the market armed with our preliminary ballpark estimate 💰

Price Range Estimation Form 👈

Price Range Estimation Form by Rigging-Busters
Gimme, Gimme that Price Estimation
  • Accurately and step-by-step, fill in the form below for a Free & Instant ballpark price range estimation for your specific project (or the job needed) ✍️
  • Pay your attention that mandatory fields are marked with a RED asterisk [ * ] 👈
  • Fill out the optional fields to get your ballpark estimate as precise as possible 👌




    3.5 Predominant Terrain Type (Multiple Choice) *


    4.3 Any Permits Required? *

    4.4 Any Insurance Required? *


    5.2 Any Installation or Assembly Required? *




    Please note that the estimates provided through this form are preliminary (w/o any discounts) and intended for initial planning and budgeting purposes only!

    They are based on the information you have supplied, the best practices, our expert assumptions, and general industry rates in your specific location.

    Actual costs may vary once all project/job specifics are reviewed in detail (including discounts)!

    Unforeseen logistical challenges, changes in market conditions, actual site inspection, and specific client requirements may influence the final project/job cost.

    We recommend a detailed consultation with our experts for a more accurate and tailored quote!

    By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree that any estimates received are non-binding and are subject to change.

    Rigging-Busters℠ accepts no liability for decisions made based on these preliminary estimates.

    All information provided will be processed according to our privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your data!

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