About Rigging-Busters

Rigging-Busters℠ is a heavy equipment & machinery moving + rigging company.

We provide the following professional services 💪

  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery Moving
  • Equipment & Machinery Hauling/Transport
  • Industrial Rigging Services
  • Factory, Plant, Machine Shops Relocation
  • Containers Loading/Unloading
  • CNC Machine Moving
  • Printing Press Moving
  • Electrical Transformer Moving Services
  • Millwright & Installation Services
  • Industrial Warehouse Storage
  • Machinery Crating & Packing
  • Forklift Moving Services
  • Moving of Hefty Art Objects, Sculptures, Statues, Stones, etc

Our heavy industrial movers & riggers can lift, hoist, skid, move, relocate, load, unload, transport, disassemble, assemble, install, level, align, or anchor any production/manufacturing / commercial machinery or equipment up to 100+ tons!

We have been operating in the heavy moving and rigging market since 2007 in several countries 🌎

Core Team

Rigging-Busters CEO

Oscar Rice

Rigging-Busters CTO

Anthony Henderson

Rigging-Busters CFO

Stephen Bradley

Rigging-Busters CMO

Joann O’Quinn

Rigging-Busters CHRO

Sofia Sullivan

Rigging-Busters CSO

Michael Coleman

To grasp the general overview of what we’re able to do, look at the fantastic 2x minutes video below. That is our moving & rigging partner in the UK that rocks (on a new production facility) 👇

We have the right people, all the necessary tools, mechanisms, transport, skills, and a lot of experience to handle all your “bulky” items with fun 🎈

Our heavy moving + rigging company is fully insured to cover all the related risks!

The professional industrial heavy movers + riggers team utilizes…

– Precise Moving Techniques
– Specialized Equipment & Mechanical Tools
– Heavy Load Moving Tools
– Steel/Aluminum Gantries
– Heavy Forklifts (3-100k lbs)
– Truck-Mounted Cranes
– Boom-Trucks
– Semi-Trucks
– Flat Bed Trucks
– Air Ride Equipped Tractors
– Trailers

…to haul/move complicated, sensitive, and expansive loads safely (and without any damage).

Required heavy moving / rigging / transportation works are estimated each time individually!

The final estimation price depends on:

  • Weight, dimensions, structure, quantity of the items
  • Distance and complexity of the movement/skidding/hauling route
  • Working space characteristics and how uneven the floors are there
  • Are there any stairs we need to take into account to get the job done?
  • Loading, unloading, and other manipulations required
  • Whether crating/packing/unpacking service is needed
  • If mounting/dismantling works are required or not
  • Whether transportation is required (and to what distance)
  • How many industrial movers and riggers are required
  • What special heavy moving tools are needed (and for how long)
  • Other additional works tailored specifically to your case

All the required licenses & permissions for the heavy industrial machinery moving / hauling and rigging works are in place!

Rigging-Busters can serve a wide range of industries:

  • Aerospace Contractors
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Defense Contractors
  • Construction
  • Food Processing & Beverage Plants
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories
  • Semiconductors
  • Electrical & Communication
  • Foundries
  • Medical (MRI, CT Scanners, X-Ray & Cath Lab)
  • Power Generation & Transformers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Clean Room
  • Fine Arts & Sculptures
  • Injection Mold & Die-Cast
  • Metal Finishing
  • Printing, Labeling & Packing
  • Wood Working
  • Refrigeration & Climate Control Appliances
  • Plastics & Injection Molding
  • Local Governments

We accept various payment methods, such as:

– Cash/Coins 💰
– Debit/Credit Cards 💳
– Bank/Wire Transfers 💸
– Personal/Company Checks ✍
– Crypto (In Progress) ⏳

Note: Please discuss the payment details with our rep offices directly!

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