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In an industry fueled by precision, expertise, and safety, we stand out as the go-to solution for all your transformer moving needs.

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Why Choose Rigging-Busters?

A Legacy of Exceptional Service

Transformers are pivotal in the pulsating core of Texas’ demanding sectors like power generation, aerospace contractors, and various other industries.

These sectors require the reliable relocation and installation of heavy electrical equipment, and that’s where we come in.

We provide not just exceptional service but also peace of mind.

Electrical Equipment Relocation Process

Electrical Transformer Moving Services in Dallas, TX, US

Fast, Reliable, and Professional Services

Time is money, especially in industries that rely on heavy machinery and electrical equipment.

With our fast transformer moving services, you can trust us to safely meet your deadlines without compromising quality.

Our Unmatched Expertise

Heavy Equipment Moving Services You Can Trust

We’re not just heavy equipment movers; we’re the ones other heavy equipment movers look up to.

Our wide range of machinery moving services covers everything from machinery for machine tool manufacturers to specialized services for industries like power generation.

Custom Transformer Moving Plans

Your business needs are unique, and we treat them that way.

We offer custom transformer moving plans that are as unique as your requirements.

Our tailored solutions ensure that you pay only for what you need.

Electrical Transformer Movers in Dallas, TX

Affordability Meets Efficiency

Budget is always a concern, but not at the cost of efficiency.

Our affordable transformer moving services provide a cost-effective balance without cutting corners. We offer transformer moving estimates that are transparent, reasonable, and without hidden costs.

Service Breakdown

Electrical Transformer Installation and Removal

Our expertly trained technicians are skilled in electrical transformer installation and removal.

We cover every aspect of the task—crating, packing, lifting, and dismantling.

We offer turnkey solutions that serve all your needs under one roof.

Electrical Transformer Transportation

For those businesses that require extensive transformer relocation services, we’re the team to trust.

Our industrial transformer transportation services ensure your company and vital equipment reaches its new location intact and on time.

Industrial Transformer Movers: Safety and Standards

We’ve built a reputation as reliable industrial transformer movers who never cut corners on safety protocols or equipment assessments.

We strictly adhere to all industrial standards, including custom crating and packing tailored to each piece of equipment.

One of the Machine Tool Manufacturers

Electrical Transformer Movers in Dallas, Texas, USA

Complementary Services

Industrial Storage and Warehousing

Beyond transformer moving, we offer robust industrial storage and warehousing options.

Our facilities are secure and accessible, providing peace of mind when storing heavy equipment or moving heavy machinery.

Electrical Transformer Moving Services in Dallas, TX, USA

Electrical Transformer Rigging Services

We specialize in electrical transformer rigging services that conform to the highest industrial standards. Whether it is a simple task or your project requires complex solutions, our team has the knowledge, tools, and skills to execute it flawlessly.

Why Dallas Businesses Trust Us

Local Expertise

Our local expertise in Dallas, TX, coupled with an international footprint, means we deeply understand regional and industry-specific needs.

Safety Above All

When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts. Our safety protocols and systems are unmatched, ensuring the equipment is secure, and the staff and surroundings are risk-free.

Electrical Transformer Moving Services in Dallas, TX, US

Electrical Transformer Installation

Electrical Transformer Movers in Dallas, TX, US


Don’t take our word for it; listen to our many satisfied customers across various industries. We’ve served everyone from top companies to aerospace contractors to machine tool manufacturers with the same commitment to quality and service.

Service Area

Our base in Dallas, Texas, covers the 200-miles radius service area 👇

The key cities for us within the Dallas service area:

CityStateZIP Codes
AllenTX75002, 75013
AthensTX75751, 75752
CarrolltonTX75006, 75007, 75010, 75011
DallasTX75001–75398, 75401–04, 75407, 75409, 75415, 75454, 76051, 76099, 76101–03, 76105–19, 76120–24, 76126–40, 76147–50, 76155, 76161–63, 76166, 76177, 76179, 76181, 76185, 76191–95, 75342, 75354–60, 75201–07, 75209–20, 75223–25, 75229, 75230, 75235–38, 75240–49, 75251–54, 75258, 75260, 75262–67, 75270–75, 75277–87, 75301–03, 75312–13, 75315, 75320–25, 75326–28, 75336–39, 75340.
DentonTX76201, 76202, 76203, 76204, 76205, 76206, 76207, 76208, 76209, 76210
DuncanvilleTX75116, 75137
FriscoTX75033, 75034, 75035, 75036
GarlandTX75040, 75041, 75042, 75043, 75044, 75045, 75046
IrvingTX75014, 75015, 75016, 75017, 75038, 75039, 75060, 75061, 75062, 75063
LewisvilleTX75022, 75027, 75028
Little ElmTX75068
LongviewTX75601, 75602, 75603, 75604, 75605, 75606, 75607, 75608
McKinneyTX75069, 75070, 75071
MesquiteTX75149, 75150, 75181
New BostonTX75570
PalestineTX75801, 75802, 75803, 75882
PlanoTX75023, 75024, 75025, 75026, 75074, 75075, 75086, 75093, 75094
RichardsonTX75080, 75081, 75082
ShermanTX75090, 75091, 75092
ShreveportLA71101, 71103, 71104, 71105
TexarkanaTX75501, 75503
The ColonyTX75056
TylerTX75701, 75702, 75703, 75704, 75705, 75706, 75707, 75708, 75709

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How Much Does Electrical Transformer Moving Cost?

The cost of moving an electrical transformer varies depending on several factors like the size of the transformer, distance to the new location, and any specific requirements such as custom crating. At Rigging-Busters, we offer transparent and customizable moving plans tailored to your needs. Contact us for a detailed, no-obligation estimate.

How Long Does the Transformer Moving Process Take?

The timeline for moving a transformer depends on the complexity of the job. A straightforward move within Dallas, TX, may take a day or two, whereas more complex projects could take a week or more. For a precise timeline, get in touch for a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

Is Your Team Certified and Experienced?

Yes, our skilled technicians are fully certified in line with industry standards. With years of experience in moving heavy equipment, we are fully equipped to handle your electrical transformer correctly, safely, and efficiently.

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