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With our expert services in heavy machinery transportation and a commitment to safety and efficiency, we’re here to handle your most challenging equipment moving needs 🤙

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About Rigging-Busters

At Rigging-Busters℠, we pride ourselves on leading heavy equipment contractors in Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding area (about 20-30 miles radius) 👇

Our expertise in oversized load handling, industrial equipment moving, and specialized transport services makes us the go-to choice for businesses across various industries.

We ensure every project is executed precisely, adhering to the highest safety standards 🤙

Comprehensive Heavy Equipment Services

– Heavy Equipment Loading & Unloading

Our experienced team handles all aspects of loading and unloading, ensuring your equipment is moved safely and efficiently 💪

– Oversized Load Handling

We specialize in oversized and overweight loads and easily navigate the complexities of transporting large equipment…

Heavy Equipment Loading and Unloading in Baltimore, MD (Oversized Load Handling)

– Heavy Machinery Transportation

We provide reliable transportation services for all types of heavy machinery, guaranteeing secure and timely delivery…

Heavy Equipment Rigging in Baltimore, Maryland, US

– Industrial Equipment Moving

Our experts excel in moving industrial equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations 🤙

Specialized Crane & Forklift Services

– Crane Services for Heavy Equipment

Our fleet includes advanced cranes, ideal for lifting and moving heavy equipment in various settings…

Crane Services for Heavy Equipment in Baltimore, MD, US

– Forklift Services for Heavy Equipment

We offer specialized forklift services, ensuring efficient and safe movement of heavy items…

Forklift Services for Heavy Equipment in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Rigging & Lifting Expertise

– Rigging and Lifting Services for Heavy Equipment

Our team is adept in all rigging and lifting techniques, providing secure and precise handling of your equipment 🤙

Industry-Specific Solutions

– Oil & Gas Equipment Loading / Unloading

We offer tailored services for the oil and gas industry, ensuring compliance with all safety regulations 🛢️

– Construction Equipment Loading / Unloading

Our expertise extends to the construction industry, handling equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and excavators…

Heavy Equipment Loading and Unloading in Baltimore, Maryland (Machinery Transportation)

– Mining Equipment Loading and Unloading

We specialize in moving heavy mining equipment, such as drill rigs and earthmovers…

Heavy Construction Equipment Loading and Unloading in Baltimore, MD, USA

– Manufacturing Equipment Loading and Unloading

Our services facilitate the relocation of manufacturing equipment from assembly lines to heavy machinery.

– Power Generation Equipment Loading and Unloading

We handle sensitive equipment for the power generation sector, including turbines and generators.

Heavy Power Generation Equipment Loading and Unloading in Baltimore, MD, USA

– Agricultural Equipment Loading and Unloading

Our team efficiently moves agricultural machinery, ensuring it’s ready for your farming needs 🤙

Baltimore-Specific Services

(1) Heavy Equipment Logistics in Baltimore

We manage all logistics aspects, ensuring a smooth transport process within MD.

(2) Heavy Equipment Transport in Baltimore

Our local transport services cater to the unique needs of the Baltimore area.

(3) Heavy Equipment Rigging in Baltimore

We provide complete rigging solutions tailored to Maryland’s diverse equipment handling requirements.

(4) Heavy Equipment Relocation in Baltimore

We offer comprehensive relocation services if you’re moving within the city or out of state.

(5) Heavy Equipment Contractors in Baltimore

As leading contractors, we offer various services to meet all your heavy equipment needs.

(6) Heavy Equipment Permit Services in Baltimore

Our team assists with obtaining the necessary permits for equipment transportation in MD.

(7) Heavy Equipment Storage in Baltimore

We offer secure storage solutions for your heavy equipment, providing peace of mind and flexibility 🤙

Why Choose Rigging-Busters

Rigging-Busters℠ stands out for its commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction!

We understand the demands of handling heavy equipment in Baltimore and are equipped to provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Hear from our satisfied clients and explore case studies highlighting our expertise in managing diverse equipment handling projects across Baltimore.

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Service Area

Our base in Baltimore, Maryland, covers about the 30-miles radius service area 👇

The key cities for us within the Baltimore service area are:

Bel AirMarylandUSA
Ellicott CityMarylandUSA
Essex GlenMarylandUSA
Owings MillsMarylandUSA
Sparrows PoinsMarylandUSA

Other Services

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Location of our sales office:

10 W Eager St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA 👇


What are the Key Benefits of Choosing Rigging-Busters℠ for Heavy Equipment Loading and Unloading?

Choosing Rigging-Busters℠ offers several distinct advantages:

Unparalleled Expertise: Our team brings deep knowledge and experience in handling various types of heavy equipment.

Dedicated to Safety: We prioritize safety, adhering to stringent protocols to protect clients, staff, and the envirotxent.

Customized Service Solutions: Recognizing every project’s unique requirements, we tailor our services for optimal results.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Utilizing advanced technology ensures efficient, safe equipment handling.

Proven Track Record: Our success is demonstrated by numerous positive testimonials and detailed case studies.

What Types of Heavy Equipment Can Rigging-Busters℠ Load and Unload?

Our expertise covers a wide array of heavy equipment, including:

Oil & Gas Equipment: Handling critical equipment like cranes, pumps, and generators.

Construction Equipment: Expertise in moving excavators, bulldozers, and cranes.

Mining Equipment: Proficient in transporting haul trucks, loaders, and excavators.

Manufacturing Equipment: Specializing in presses, conveyors, and more.

Power Generation Equipment: Handling turbines, transformers, etc.

Agricultural Equipment: Efficiently moving tractors, harvesters, and other machinery.

How Does Rigging-Busters℠ Ensure the Safe Handling of Heavy Equipment?

Safety is our top priority, and we ensure it through:

Comprehensive Risk Assessments: Identifying and addressing potential hazards before each project.

Specialized Equipment Use: Employing equipment specifically designed for safe heavy equipment handling.

Experienced Team: Our professionals are extensively trained in the nuances of heavy equipment safety.

Strict Safety Protocols: Rigorously following safety standards to ensure the safety of all involved parties.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Rigging-Busters’ Services?

The cost of our services is influenced by:

Type of Equipment: Different equipment types require specific handling techniques.

Travel Distance: Costs vary based on the transportation distance.

Job Complexity: Complex projects may require additional resources.
We offer a personalized quote based on your project’s unique requirements, ensuring transparency and value.

How Can I Arrange a Free Consultation with Rigging-Busters?

To schedule a free consultation, you can:

Call Us: Contact our team for immediate assistance.

Email Us: Send us your queries, and we’ll reply promptly.

Online Contact Form: Visit our website and fill out the contact form for a detailed response from our experts.

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