FAQ Heavy Equipment and Machinery Movers
What are Heavy Equipment and Machinery Movers?

These rigging specialists can use special moving tools and mechanisms to move, skid, slide, haul, lift, and hoist heavy and complex gear. Usually, heavy apparatus installation & dismantling services are also provided by such experts. Extensive training is required to perform such work since it can be hazardous for “normal” people. Thus, contact us if you need pro & affordable industrial equipment/facility relocation.

Why Hire Professional Equipment & Machinery Movers?

Lifting, hoisting, moving, skidding, relocating, hauling, or transporting a large, bulky, and hefty weight is extremely difficult or even impossible without using special mechanical tools and knowing how to use them properly. Safety is a top priority in such operations! So, if you need affordable relocation services, contact us. We have more than 350x years of combined experience in heavy moving & rigging!

What are Machinery Riggers?

Machine riggers know how to fix (extremely) heavy loads to lift correctly, hoist, move, skid, erect, or haul them using ropes, hooks, chains, and other special moving tools/instruments. Many businesses rely on such specialty rigging companies!

How Many Advanced Machinery Movers & Riggers Do You Need for Your Project?

That hugely depends on your specific case. Various heavy-moving projects require different workforce resources. We estimate that each time individually based on business & environmental requirements.

How Much Do Heavy Machinery Movers/Riggers Cost in California (USA)?

As a reference point, you can consider the average salary (52k USD per Year) of professional machinery movers/riggers on the CA market. The final total price for your project depends on the work volume, the complexity of the job, and a provided discount. Please call us directly to get the price OR request a FREE quote. We can guarantee that you get affordable relocation services from us (our main competitors usually offer higher rates)!

Do You Provide Heavy Rigging and Moving Services Only within Los Angeles County (USA)?

Rigging-Busters has rep offices & partners throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, and the UK. We also have a big heavy moving & rigging team in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). There is our presence in the central industrial locations in those countries. Here, you can find more information about the key service areas where we provide our professional services. California is the top US state for us regarding heavy-duty work volume.

Which Industries Can You Serve?

We can serve any industry where bulky machines/apparatuses are used. There is no link to specific loads within any facility. We can outperform any larger competitors on the market. Our pro team can also handle government electric transformers and machine tool manufacturers. Affordable industrial gear relocation + the lowest rates are guaranteed!

Do You Provide Forklift Moving Service?

Our forklift moving company can deliver the service quickly upon your request.

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